A new dimension
of live engagement
and real-time interaction

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Make it simple, a free
meeting of minds

No complicated software or downloads for your attendees. Each member of the audience can engage for free. With just one click,
it becomes an interactive social experience. By broadcasting polls and quizzes to their mobile devices, you get real-time feedback. Finally, you’ll really know what’s going on in their heads.

Make it a collaboration

Share slides with your audience, people love to share opinions.
It’s great input, allowing you to make notes on your slides for future modification. You can even ask them to vote, it’s good
to know what’s popular.

6 awesome
presentation tips.

Ready to be inspired? Check out this guide to the essential skills you need to succeed at turning your presentation into a collaboration.

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Make it a conversation

Usually when you ask “Any questions?” there’s no response, complete silence. No one in the audience wants to be put in the spotlight. No embarrassment with our live Q&A, which allows people to ask questions with ease without disturbing your flow. What’s more, if you’re pushed for time you can respond later by email.

Make your presentation
more meaningful

Beamkast enables you to continually measure and improve your presentation. Also providing a seamless post session feedback.

Make your next one
even more brilliant

The relevant insights and analytics provided by Beamkast will help improve your performance. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your presentation – ensures your future greatness.


Make the moment matter – become a beamer and you’ll shine